Saturday, 21 February 2009

Wednesday February 21, 1894

Mr Donough came to fix dew cap & adapters &c at eye end of the 28in telescope.
Meeting of International Catalogue Comee at R.S. saw Mr Awdry & Capt Wharton at Admy.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal
8Chart Plate of the Pleiades, taken at ROG and reproduced in E. Walter Maunder's 'Royal Observatory, Greenwich: a Glance at its History and Work' (1900). *
To Oxford at night. Inaugural Lecture on Friday Feb 23 on the Photographic Chart. To Greenwich Sat night.

H.H. Turner, Chief Assistant

RH says.....  As Turner looked to pastures new in Oxford, life at Greenwich continued for Christie, although experimentation with the new 28-inch telescope had to be interspersed with negotations with the ROG's paymasters at the Admiralty and representation on a Royal Society committee. The Carte du Ciel, or photographic chart of the skies, continued to be a particular interest of Turner's. His fascinating 1912 book, The Great Star Map, being a brief general account of the international project known as the astrographic chart, can be found online.

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