Wednesday, 18 February 2009

IYA's UK launch today

RH says.....
Today sees the official UK launch of the International Year of Astronomy, here at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. During the evening I will be based in the South Building's Endeavour Room - which is, in fact, the Lassell Dome, surmounting what was once known as the New Physical Observatory. It has changed a bit since the 1890s, but spot the telltale porthole windows....

The 26-inch Thompson telescope, with Christie, in the dome of the New Physical Observatory. Image from E. Walter Maunder's 'Royal Observatory, Greenwich: a Glance at its History and Work' (1900)

In the dome of the New Physical Observatory: an observer with his eye to the Great Equatorial telescope, mounted on two of the telescopes donated by Sir Henry Thompson, the 26-inch refractor and 9-inch photoheliograph.

F 6911-008 The Endeavour Room, Royal Observatory, Greenwich (c) NMM
In the dome today: the Endeavour Room of the South Building.

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