Saturday, 7 March 2009

Wednesday March 7, 1894

The Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford
Meeting of the Radcliffe Managers at 10.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal



RH says..... Christie was one of the managers, or trustees, of the Radcliffe Observatory in Oxford. Up until 1839 the Radcliffe Observer had been the Savilian Professor of Astronomy (the new post of Christie's former Chief Assistant, H.H. Turner) but at this date the positions were split - the professorship being more theoretical and the position of Observer being more practical. In 1894 the Radcliffe Observer was Edward James Stone, also a former Chief Assistant at Greenwich and, from 1870 to 1879, the royal astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope. Stone, in turn, was on the Board of Visitors to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The world of professional astronomy in the 19th century was definitely a small one!

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