Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday July 23, 1894

Went to Troughton & Simms’ in afternoon & arranged about alterations to astrographic micrometer & to position circle micrometer for 28 inch telescope. Ordered a new positive & a new negative eyepiece for 28in telescope power 1000. Inspected new altazimuth, the telescope, axis & circles being mounted in position. Approved of patterns for mounting of collimators. During my absence Minifie the labourer fell from a tree in the garden, from a height of about 25 feet. He fell on his back but, though much shaken, was not seriously injured. He was cutting off a branch which interfered with the sunshine register.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal
RH says..... Poor Minifie: a near-martyr of meteorological science.

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