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Sunday May 13 & Monday May 14, 1894

Andrew Ainslie Common (1841-1903), image from Wikimedia Commons.
Whitsunday. Mr Common came in afternoon staying till Tuesday, discussing eclipse of 1896, stars photo’s, 28in O.G., new altaz., dome & building &c. On Monday night examined 13in Merz telescope on Moon & stars, also photo’s taken with 28in O.G. We agreed that for the publication of the star map, it would be advisable to begin by having prints from transparencies, which could be purchased singly or by the dozen by any person applying for them, the prints being taken by a photographer at an agreed rate as required, and sold at a price to cover expenses.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal

RH says..... Andrew Common was an amateur astronomer with a particular interest in photography. He also designed his own innovative instruments and was experienced in making large telescope mirrors. Because of this he supurvised the making of the 30-inch mirror for the ROG's Thompson Photographic Reflector (mounted in 1896). He was an important member of the British scientific community and was a member of the Board of Visitors to the ROG.
Common was not directly involved with the Carte du ciel mapping project, which Christie refers to here, but because of his innovations in photography had been invited to the original international conference and advised various participants.

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