Friday, 23 January 2009

Tuesday January 23, 1894

B5698D 28-inch telescope at the Royal Observatory Greenwich c.1894 © NMM Reversed crown lens of 28in telescope for photography. Mr Simms called to arrange about the new slow motion screws & decn clamp of Great Equatorial. Saw Mr Crisp at Admy about the new buildings and went with him to several shops to try to get suitable gas & electric light pendants.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal

Rebekah Higgitt says.....
The lens of the new 28-inch telescope had been specially designed so that, by reversing it, the telescope could be used for photography as well as for visual observation. This experimental optical work on the use of lenses for astronomical photography and spectroscopy was of great interest to Christie. However, he seems to have been quite easily distracted by the prospect of more shopping for his new building.

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