Thursday, 29 January 2009

Monday January 29, 1894

St James's Theatre, Picadilly from early 20th-century postcard, E.F.A. London Theatre Series. The laying of Brookes’ electric main was commenced. Mr Henry H. Vincent (stage manager) & Mr H.P. Hall (artist) of the St James’ theatre called with reference to an Observatory scene in a new play. Showed Great Equatorial, Lassell & Astrographic Equatorial. The last seemed the most suitable.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal8


Rebekah Higgitt says.....
Here we find another use for large telescopes - inspiration for theatre design! A review of the "Brilliant First Night" of Henry Arthur Jones's "The Masequeraders" at St James's Theatre in Picadilly in April 1894 can be found online, a performance that was only marred by a "short and weak last act". Presumably it is only coincidence that it was this act that featured the telescope: "The last scene is laid in the observatory on Mont Saint Garidelli, in the Maritime Alps, near Nice. The room is dark, save for a shaft of moonlight which illuminates the large equatorial telescope in the inner room".

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