Monday, 5 January 2009

Thursday 4 January, 1894

Simmons reported that some one had broken open the Lower Museum Door & the door of the Contractors’ Office in S. Ground & to the had stolen some articles belonging to the Contractors’ foreman, but no R.O. property. Saw Mr Awdry at the Admy about this & other matters concerning the staff. Met Sir H. Thompson at the Athenaeum and had a talk with him regarding his offer of £5000 to the Observatory for a new instrument.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal
Rebekah Higgitt says.....
Christie was enaged with frequent discussions with the Admiralty about the Observatory's staff at this date. He aimed to increase numbers, particuarly of higher-grade staff, and to ensure longer service among the human computers by making the better permanent members of staff.
This day also saw a meeting with Sir Henry Thompson at the Athenaeum Club on London's Pall Mall. His offer was to pay for a large, expensive new telescope. Thompson, a wealthy and distinguished surgeon and amateur astronomer, had already donated a 9-inch photoheliograph telescope to the Observatory in 1891.

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