Friday, 1 January 2010

Monday December 31, 1894

Prof. Turner here. Talked over with him question of measurement of astrographic plates, also publication of Mr Thackeray's paper on R.A.'s of Polaris in Memoirs R.A.S.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal
RH says..... It's nice to see Turner, the Royal Observatory's Chief Assistant at the start of 1894, put in an appearance on the last day of the year - because, of course, this is the last post for this blog as we say bye-bye to IYA 2009. I hope those of you who have been following it have enjoyed these glimpses into the past of the ROG. It's been interesting and useful for me, at least. My energies are now being diverted into the Cambridge/NMM Longitude Project: look out for a new blog there starting later in the year. And please note, Sobel enthusiasts, Longitude means more than Harrison!
Happy new year - 1895 and 2010!

D7130 A detail from Hogarth's Rake's Progress (Plate 8), showing Longitude lunatics in Bedlam. Copyright NMM.

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