Thursday, 5 November 2009

Monday November 5, 1894

H0632 Ivory medallion of Flamsteed by Le Marchand, copyright National Maritime Museum.Mr J. Raymond Smith Sculptor called to arrange about bust of Flamsteed for N. wing of Physical Observatory and took away ivory medallion & engraved portrait of Flamsteed on loan.

William Christie, Astronomer Royal

Rate of S.S. altered.
Reversion-Prism eyepiece, which had been broken sent to Messrs Troughton & Simms.

Frank Dyson, Chief Assistant

RH says..... This image shows the medallion of Flamsteed that Christie sent the sculptor for reference, although the scultpure on the Physical Observatory probably owes more to the engraving, which can be see in this post. The completed bust can still be seen above the entrance of the Observatory's South Building today.

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